Parking Sensor Installers in Dewsbury

As parking spaces get smaller and ever harder to find, the once-simple act of parking has become the bane of the modern motorist's life. 

The average car is now longer, wider and taller than ever before, and those plunging, pedestrian-friendly bonnets and wide, safety-conscious roof pillars limit visibility. 

Yes, alloy wheels and painted bumpers look much smarter, but scuff or dent them and you will suffer in the pocket.

"Having parking sensors fitted can add value to your vehicle at re-sale time and provide the perfect solution to help protect your vehicle from costly bumps and scrapes caused when trying to manoeuvre in small multi storey car parking bays or when negotiating congested supermarket car parks. They also help prevent the possibility of reversing into hidden obstacles such as posts/ bollards, or even over pedestrians, small children and animals when backing out of your driveway."

With prices starting at just £99, it’s therefore hardly surprising that parking sensors have taken off. These systems take the stress and guesswork out of parking and could potentially save you an expensive repair bill or insurance claim. 

Ultrasonic parking sensors

Ultrasonic sensors bounce sound waves off obstacles, using the ‘echo’ time to indicate how far away they are. A speaker in the car bleeps – increasingly frantically – as they get closer also showing you the distance on the LED DISPLAY

Pros of ultrasonic parking sensors

  • The cheapest form of parking aid – aftermarket systems cost as little as £99; car manufacturers charge £300-£700. 
  • Sensors detect objects even when the car is stationary.
  •  Our Reverse sensors fit neatly into the vehicles bumper; we fit them to original mounting points for that factory fit look 


  • Automatically engages as soon as you place your car into reverse.

  • Show distance by Beep Beep audio warning AND LED display


  • Complete kit with 4 sensors&audio and visual led display

  • Rain Proof